Quick Update

So as far as my first week of training for the Zoo 5k went, it didn’t. I didn’t manage to make a single run happen that week. Between being busy with work, and the shitastic weather we had last week (Uh, yeah, 70 degrees one day, SNOW the next) I just couldn’t find the time or the motivation to make it happen.

Casino birthday crawl for my dad went pretty good overall. No one really won a bunch of money, but it was still a good time.

I got three miles in on Tuesday, which I was supposed to do on Monday but it didn’t happen. I should have done a 30 minute tempo run last night, but getting out of the tax office was a little hectic. I should do three miles tonight, too. But we will have to see how it plays out. The weather is being a little suspect today and the treadmill at the free gym has been a little crowded lately.

My three-mile run was a little tough. I’m not 100% sold on my new shoes yet, but they did feel a little better last night than they did when I took them for their first official spin. I did not hit my goal pace at all, but I’m still trying to get this flem crap out of my throat from having the flu. Plus, I forgot to use my inhaler before running. I mapped it out and might do the loop backwards next time and get all the hills out-of-the-way at the very beginning versus the middle of my run.

Over the weekend I have a three miler and a five miler on the schedule. I also want to make a little time for my bike as well because I haven’t gone riding in FOREVER!! We shall see since it’s not only a holiday weekend (Easter Sunday), but I also have two going away parties to attend as well as my sister bikini competition on Saturday. Then it’s nothing for two weekends in a row! I’m really hoping it stays that way with turkey season coming up soon I need some time to fine tune my bow sights.

I turned the draw weight up as well, so I definitely need some more practice at the higher draw weight.

So this is most likely all you will hear from me for the rest of the week so I hope you have a great weekend! I know I’m looking forward to my three-day weekend like nobody’s business!


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  1. those weeks happen! Rest up this weekend and start again next week! 😉

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