Yoga and Other Adventures

So this weekend was pretty fantastic. Other than having to carve two big chunks out of it to come to work, which wasn’t all bad, I had a relatively relaxing weekend. After work on Friday, I got my allergy shots and headed home to meet up with M to go see Furious 7. It wasn’t my most favorite of the franchise, but you could definitely feel the connection all the actors had, and knowing that Paul Walker is gone, certain scenes did feel a little more meaningful. I can’t believe I was in high school and has carried on for so long! It’s crazy to think that I hadn’t even gotten my license when the first film came out.

We also hit up Bass Pro before the movie since we had some time to kill. We got some turkey decoys and I got a blind chair/hunting chair. I was able to price match with Cabela’s so I got $10 off. I’m getting really excited for turkey season coming up. I can’t wait! Hopefully it will be a little more successful than my past couple of deer seasons!

Saturday M got up early and headed off to help a friend take his daughter out for youth turkey season. I headed out to the yoga studio to take my first yoga class in forever! I can’t believe how much better I felt just after the one class. It was crazy. My back has been bothering me quite a bit and it hasn’t felt nearly as compressed since class. Now I just have to get there a little more often. It was also great for my mind. My brain has been running like crazy here recently and I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed and stressed about things that shouldn’t be bothering me so much. My journal has been getting quite the work out here lately.

After yoga, I hit up Picasso’s and got a smoothie and then headed to work to take care of the work critters and do some stuff at the office for my dad since he is out-of-town. I passed what had to be 200+ motorcycles on my way to work though. They all had the same patch on their jackets, so I assume it was some kind of club and not just a random group of people riding together. It was pretty impressive to see!

After taking care of things at the office, I headed to the fish market since halibut is back in season! It’s more or less our favorite fish, so I was happy to add it back into the rotation for the dinner menu. The recipe I tried out for dinner with it was alright, but could use a little tweaking to make it perfect.

Once I got home we had some lunch, and then it was nap time for the whole house!

Sunday was the last Loin’s Club breakfast of the season, so we went to that with the family and then I headed home and M headed to his parents house to do a little work with his dad. I cleaned and organized the bathroom and the dining room and started on the kitchen before I had to head back to the office to take care of the work critters again and then stop by my parents house to take care of their cat. Then a low-key evening at home in which I tried out my new pasta roller attachment for my mixer. I don’t know if I just need to find a different pasta dough recipe or what, but they were a little on the thick side. Mostly because the dough kept ripping when I tried to roll it thinner. So I don’t know. I will clearly have to do a bit more research on that and find a good dough recipe. Because I LOVE pasta!

Yesterday was boring and I didn’t get home in time to make my run. I’m hoping to get it in tonight before dinner and then tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF TAX SEASON!!! Finally! It has felt like it has taken forever for that to come. Ugh, I can’t wait. I think this year everyone is just done with taxes!


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