This past weekend was full of activities.

Saturday I was up early and headed out to Swansea with my favorite yellow dog in tow to do a little dock dogging. We’ve been doing this little doggy activity now for probably close to 7 years, and even went to the World Championships a few years ago.

He didn’t have the best jumps in his wave but he still has fun and that all I can ask for, so it’s been a blast getting to meet people from all over the country who are just as dog crazy as me!

After we packed back up and stopped off at the dog wash to get him all cleaned up, we headed home and I got all cleaned up. M & I headed to the French Quarter bar to partake in their annual shrimp and crayfish boil. For the past few years, M’s cousin’s husband has been coming up here from Louisiana and cooking all the shrimp and crayfish that the bar is serving. We stopped by last year and it was all WAY too spicy for me to eat, but this year everything was so good! I never thought I’d really be into eating crayfish (or crawdads, as we call them up here), but they are actually pretty tasty.

Then we stopped by the Mexican restaurant for a friend’s surprise birthday party. We really only know him through the restaurant, because like us he goes there about every Friday for dinner. So it was nice to get to meet some of his family and friends. On the way home we made a quick stop by Chill for some fro-yo and sorbet. M just recently decided fro-yo was acceptable and actually enjoys eating it now.

Sunday I was up bright and early to head down to the Zoo for the annual 5k that they hold. It rained the whole way there and then the sun came out just in time to make the race nice and humid. I will post a race recap tomorrow.

After the race, I realized that none of the places I needed to run my errands at would be open until 11-ish, so I just headed home and showered and changed. Then I let both dogs out, and we wandered around the orchard, where they both found nice mud holes and dead crap to roll in. So it was back in side and bath #2 of the week for both of them.

I went and picked up my jewelry from being cleaned up, and did a little shopping because I needed some new shirts and a new pair of jeans. I have a tendency to wear things until they are quite literally falling apart at the seams or just don’t fit anymore, so my wardrobe need a few new updates.

Once I got home from those adventures, I cleaned and organized the pantry, did a little laundry, and made a really delicious roasted chicken dinner. All in all a pretty successful weekend in the books!


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