Yoga Magic

I swear, someone has sprinkled some kind of voodoo magic all over the yoga studio and maybe even all over me because yoga is certainly starting to click for me way more than it has in the past three or so years.

I’m starting to get poses that were very hard for me to do and I’m thisclose to getting some of the arm balances and arm pressure poses that have been evading me for forever. Super exciting times!

I didn’t get a run in before class on Tuesday because I stayed at work later than usual to talk about travel insurance for my upcoming trip to Italy. My health insurance through work “covers” me, but I would have to pay for everything up front and then they would reimburse me when I got back and submitted everything correctly. Instead of dealing with that, on the off-chance that anything might happen, I am going with a separate policy to cover me for just this trip. I don’t travel very often, so finding one that will cover me for a short time period and isn’t going to break the bank was pretty important. I will post more about it later.

Back to yoga class-it was packed! Every year in January, the studio does a Yoga-palooza event with the chance to win prizes for completing so many days of yoga (30, 25, & 20 I think). So every class is jam-packed with maybe a few inches between your mat and your neighbors. But for the most part, everyone is pretty chill and understanding about that.

I even busted out some yoga moves last night for M because he had no clue what arm balances and such even were. It was pretty entertaining and slightly exciting to realize that I could bust out some of the poses at home without being in my magic yoga studio.

Speaking of last night, we went to my niece’s taekwondo class to watch her test for her next belt. It was boring for the most part, but there were a couple tiny tykes who slayed me with their adorable little ghee’s and moves! Then we headed to the Elk’s lodge for their chili dinner they were having. So all in all, not a bad few days.

I  meant to post yesterday, but didn’t get around to it. I was going to post about the delicious Chicken Stir-Fry recipe I found and made the other day, but I guess now I will have to prep it for next week!


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  1. That’s exciting! I really hope this is me one day! I want to be able to learn some of the more difficult yoga poses, but life has gotten in the way so far very often. I only got into it maybe a year ago, but still have a long ways to go.

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