Ice, Ice Baby

It’s so freaking cold here! I’ve been totally spoiled by the super mild winter we’ve had, so now that real winter is here, I’m freezing! Half the time I wind up taking my rings off to type because they just spin and spin on my fingers and drive me crazy!

It’s supposed to start snowing soon, but I’m hoping it will take a while to actually accumulate anything because I want to make it to yoga class tonight since I have my Team in Training kick off meeting on Thursday and won’t be able to make that class.

I didn’t get any running in last week, and I didn’t get much accomplished over the weekend either! I did however attend a two hour Kundalini yoga workshop and it was pretty amazing! A slightly different version of the yoga I typically practice, it focused on shifting from lower chakras to higher chakras. Plus the dance party in the middle didn’t hurt either! It was like clubbing in Vegas (based on movies I’ve seen!) but without the sequins and body glitter.

After that, I picked up M and we headed to my local dockdogs club banquet and hung out and caught up with a few people before heading out to go catch a movie. We wound up watching 13 Hours and it was pretty good. Except for Caption Commentary who was sitting behind us. I get your political opinions dude, and you’re most certainly entitled to them, but you don’t need to say them loudly in the middle of the movie I’m trying to enjoy. And then you’re to chicken shit to stay around for the end of the movie and you rush off before the credits roll and the lights come on? Boo on you, sir.

Sunday I spent the day half ass cleaning and grocery shopping. Nothing to exciting. My calves were super sore,  I guess from all the dancing we did in the workshop. They’re actually still a little sore today, but I’m hoping to get to class tonight and get them nice and stretched out. And maybe foam roll a little bit more tonight!


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