It is colder in Missouri than it is in Antarctica? Seems about right. I’m pretty sure if you include the wind chill today, it’s feeling about -19 degrees. Nice. Since I have a chiropractor appointment after work today, I will not be working out. I like to give myself a day off when I have an adjustment to help it “hold” a little better. Maybe that’s shenanigans and it doesn’t matter. I can’t wait for my adjustment though! I recently switched to every three weeks between visits and I can tell that I am out of whack. It’s so weird how once you finally start listening and taking care of yourself how easy it is to tell that something isn’t right, isn’t it?

So as far as life in general has been going, it’s been alright. Not blowing myself away with my awesomeness or anything like that but slowly and steadily progressing. Which is better than going backwards. I did finally open my Etsy shop! I currently only have one listing, which is for a vinyl decal, but I am planning on creating more. I’ve kicked around the idea of maybe listing some of my photography prints, like the ones featured on my Project 52: Italy posts, but I’m not sure. Is that something people (you) might be interested in? Let me know in the comments below, please!

I haven’t created much lately, as far as painting or fiber crafting goes. I did start playing around with some of the pouring medium from Liquitex and that is kind of interesting stuff. I need to get a proper drop cloth for under my art table so I don’t have to worry about getting paint on my floor. I did get my sewing/work table all straightened out, although I’m already thinking about switching the set up. Next is getting my Mac desktop all up to date with it OS.

I did some light menu planning over the weekend. I only planned out the days that I am working in the evenings so far, but I am going to try several new to me slow cooker meals. Sometimes it’s frustrating because there are only two of us, and if it’s something we both don’t particularly care for, we wind up with a ton of leftovers and what do you with that? Make yourself keep eating it? Throw it out and feel like you wasted a bunch of money on it? Cooking for two can be difficult at times. Especially when most recipes are written for families of 4+.

I did try a new to me pizza dough recipe over the weekend though. I usually wind up with pizza crust so thick it’s like trying to eat a phonebook. But this one actually turned out pretty decent. It made 6 dough balls, according to the recipe, so I froze four of them because I don’t need six pizzas at once! I will do a recipe review on the dough after I use up what is frozen to give you a better idea of how it keeps and thaws and everything.

So basically, that’s it right now. Just bumming around. Trying to get things sorted in my life. Getting ready to embark on the craziness that is tax season.

I appreciate your feedback if you chose to leave any!


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