Workout Recap-Jan 8th-14th


Legit, this is a workout recap. I only worked out one day last week. Whoops.

So I’m going to skip Monday, since I didn’t workout at all then. I’ll head right into Tuesday!

Tuesday Jan 9th- 2 Miles Speedwork. I haven’t done any type of actual speed work in well over a year. So I decided to give it a go with my two miles this evening. I did quarter mile pushes, where I ran all out (for me) for .25 miles and then did walking recovery for the next .25 miles. I was really surprised with my pace for the pushes! The first two were under 13:00/mile and the next two were under 14:00/mile. I was surprised I was able to pull those off with how lackluster my last year had been. All in all I felt pretty good during my run, and was thankful as fuck that it wasn’t 6 degrees out! It practically felt tropical at 37 degrees.

After my run, I headed into yogahour with Catlin. This class was much better than a few previous classes where I just felt like it wasn’t really “working”. I don’t know any other way to describe it! Some times I hit my mat and everything feels right and other times I just don’t feel it. I guess that’s just the way it works though.

Wednesday I did nothing and Thursday I had planned on running and going to yoga, but there was the winter weather warning of ICE (danger, Will Robinson, danger) so I made the decision to head home after work. It was 65 when I left work and in a ten minute stretch of highway it dropped 23 degrees and my car was completely coated in ice once I got home. So I felt like I made a good call since it was only supposed to get worse as the night went on.

Friday, which is my official rest day, I officially rested. Saturday I slept in and then took down 95% of the Christmas decor. I also made homemade pizzas. So win on the food side, lose on the workout side. Sunday I did laundry. And wrestled with a fierce headache and a sick husband.

So that’s my workout recap for last week. A lot of nothing and two workouts. This week should be better. Hopefully!


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