End of January Update

Thought I’d write-up a little recap/update on what has gone on over the course of the month, let you know where I stand on some things. I am planning on doing an update/check-in on most of my goals every quarter, but the health and fitness ones I will do every month, because that’s what feels right, you know?

So, how did I start the month out?

Well, I weighed in on January 1st at 261.6 pounds. Holidays were officially over, and it was really time to get my shit together. Or at least as together as I could manage. So I wrote down some goals for the year, and included some steps to achieving those goals this year. Losing weight isn’t really a “goal” that I listed for myself this year, but it’s something that I know needs to happen, not only for my health now and in the long run, but to feel my best in general and all that other jazz. But because I have little willpower or motivation, if I just generically wrote down “lose weight”, probably wouldn’t happen. So I made goals, some that tied into other goals, and planned things out.

I brought my lunch almost every day this month, with 6 days being an exception. And on several of those days, I brought my lunch but ate it for breakfast, and had lunch with my dad because my mom did not come into the office (I do the accounting for my parents company). I tried not to snack too much, but didn’t always pull through on that one. I also drastically cut back on soda, which I had almost completely eliminated at the beginning of the year, but crept back into my diet over the course of the summer and fall. So there are still places to clean up, and I will for sure be working on that!

I worked really hard on not getting stressed out by things. I tend to be a stress eater, and I for one, am not talking about carrot sticks and hummus. I’m talking cheeseburgers and fries from McDonald’s. So that has been a big help.

I’m drinking more water too! I have several reusable water bottles, and then on occasion I will by a giant bottle of smart water and refill it a couple of times.

Also, even though I didn’t get all my workouts in, I still worked out way more than I had been. This included one race,  many cold-ass runs, and a few yoga classes.

How’d I end the month?

  • Total mileage-26.68
  • 4 yoga classes
  • Ending weight-258.2 pounds
  • Total weight loss: -3.4 pounds

I’ll take it! Everybody has to start somewhere right? Looking forward to what the next month brings!


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