Workout Recaps-January 22nd-28th

This week went much better in terms of getting my workouts in! I didn’t get them all in (missed one run, and only went to yoga once), but it was a pretty good week all in all.

Monday, January 22nd-I originally had this night as a scheduled off day because I was supposed to be working at the tax office. But, since that apparently isn’t happening now, I am going to find something to fill this evening with as far as workouts go. I might make this night a yoga night, and then not yoga on Tuesdays and just run, because I haven’t been feeling the Tuesday night class a whole lot recently. We’ll see how it falls.

Tuesday, January 23rd-No run and no yoga. I needed to do dishes in a major way, since I did not accomplish that at ALL over the weekend, so I just headed home after work and spent some time cleaning up around the house.

Wednesday, January 24th-Worked at the tax office. Although, I am thinking of adding a day of weights in, and it wouldn’t be hard to do a little weight/strength training routine after I get home at night after working.

Thursday, January 25th-I ran! I hurried home after work and got dressed and hurried to Indian Camp Creek, which is just 10 minutes up the road. I had 3.5 miles on my schedule, but because I misread the sunset time on my weather app, it got pretty dark on my fairly quick. And I didn’t want to get locked in the park, so I cut the run a little short at 3.2 miles. 

I felt really good about this run, and especially that first mile because I ran uphill for a good chunk of it! Indian Camp has a really nice two-mile loop that is all uphill on one side and then down hill and flat on the other. I like to do my hill work there.

Friday, January 26th-Official rest day on the schedule.

Saturday, January 27th-I wanted to get up early and get my 5 miles in before yoga class, but that didn’t happen. So I broke my five miler up into two parts. I got two miles in before yoga class on the Katy trail.

I don’t know what’s going on with my heart rate data there.

Then I hit up yoga class, which was much-needed because my legs were tight from Thursday’s hill workout. We spent a lot of class working towards King Pigeon Pose, which is a great hip opener.

After class, I decided to finish up my miles at the ever so lovely Creve Coeur Lake Park.

Much better looking heart rate data there.

I could definitely feel those last three miles. I was feeling pretty tired towards the end, but I tried to make a good run out of it all.

Sunday, January 27th-I had thought about riding my bike, but wound up staying home and working on laundry and then heading to the grocery store and then making dinner and working on my lunches and snacks for this week.

All in all, a pretty decent week for workouts. Definitely room for improvement, but I am feeling pretty good about my runs this far in training. My training schedule for this week is pretty much a repeat of last week, except I plan on throwing in speed work instead of hill work for one of my runs.


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