VIP Porta Potties?

So I decided that I *must* gain access to the Brooks VIP Porta Potties at the Rock N’ Roll St. Louis Half Marathon. Not that I’ve ever had to use the restroom before a race, really, but they’re climate controlled trailers with real toilets and real sinks! And perks! How cool would that be?

I haven’t decided what I am going to wear to the race yet. I need to check out the forecast first and decide. I hate the idea of having “throw away” clothes because I like all my stuff too much to part with it. Also, I know that if I can tough out being a little cold at the start~that I will probably warm up enough and be fine for the rest of the race. I just hope it’s not raining. I really hope it’s not raining. I did that once or twice, not fun!

I haven’t run the past two days. Monday I worked super late and then had to have dinner with the in-laws, which isn’t really a big deal. Tuesday I was running behind again and then when I got home it was raining and threatening to storm pretty good so I passed on that as well. HOPEFULLY I will make it out the door tonight. I’m really going to try, because I don’t want this to suck too bad next Sunday.

On another note, I may be doing some doggie pictures this Sunday. A friend wants me to get some photos of her pups, both of whom are dealing with a lot, possible cancers and old age as well.  So I hope I can get some good photos for her.

And you should see my kitchen! It’s a disaster area! So I have to do dishes tonight as well 😦


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