Finally It’s Happened to Me!

Finally, after a week and a half of trying I was able to hit the four mile mark last night. And it’s only a week and a half until my half! Perfect right?

No…I should have been doing this distance oh I don’t know, 4 weeks ago? Yeah…

I did take some pictures of where I run though to show you will I recount my four mile workout last night!

The first mile went by OK. I wasn’t pushing too hard, and I walked the first .2 miles of it as a warm up since it’s been a while since I ran. I did manage to get it under 17:00 though at 16:46. While I was running this super creepy guy showed up, and I made the decision that if his car was there when I started back, I was going to have M’s mom come get me. I was NOT running by him again.

Mile two was definitely the hardest, as it has been in my past few runs. It took me the longest to complete at 18:56, and I took quite a few walk breaks during it.

Mile three I felt myself pick it up a little bit, and managed to bring that time down to 17:22. I did a mini-fartlek work out by doing phone pole pickups. So I was feeling good there.

Mile four was tough, but only because I had a hard time hitting the mileage on my Garmin. I didn’t want to go too far past the four mile mark, so I was trying to stay close by my car, and I also didn’t want my turn around to be on a blind corner or hill. So I wound up doing silly little laps, through the lean-to and in front of my in-laws. I felt a little dorky but I got it done in 16:56.

So I was able to work my way through my mile 2 mental struggle and pick it up after that, which is encouraging. I don’t know that I can do that for 13 miles, but I’m hoping to finish between 3 and 3.5 hours. (I know, I’ve told y’all I was super slow!)

All in all I’m feeling pretty good today. I wore my compression sleeves on my run so my legs aren’t bugging me too much. My calves are a little sore, but that’s about it. I keep eye balling all the Brooks merchandise on their website, because to get the VIP PP status you have to spend like $100 in merch to get a little sticker. I think it would be worth it!

PS- sorry about the slightly crappy quality of my photos. I took them all with my phone while running.


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