6th Annual Turkey Trot Review & Recap

I’m just going to lump these two together, since it was such a small race!

Packet pick up was pretty easy (considering there isn’t really a packet). I pretty much just went to our local music shop and paid and got my number and t-shirt. Then it was off to the grocery store to pick up our food items for the pantry. I made sure to get a good selection of canned fruits, veggies, soups, and cereals as well.

Thursday morning was a little on the chilly side. I wore my Nike pants, a long sleeve Nike top, and then a wicking t-shirt over that. Since it was chilly, the only hat I had available was my hunting stocking cap-blaze orange, of course-so I threw that on my head to keep my ears warm.

The BooBoo dog and I chilled in the car for as long as possible and then got out to head towards the starting area. They made some announcements over a loud-speaker. I think they needed a couple more speakers-since some people just wouldn’t shut up so everyone could hear, they need a little more power to drown out the 100 or so people there. They had a couple raffle type give-aways, which we didn’t win, a short prayer and a reading of the course, and then we lined up at the starting line.

I use the term starting line very, very loosely.

I really wish they would put up a couple of cones so that you can see the exact starting point. They put the clock by the finish line so that is easy to see but the starting line could use a little more definition. And then we were off!

Mile one is mostly down hill with a slight climb before you make your turn into the subdivisions where most of the race is actually run. The Boo and I clocked the first mile in under 15 minutes. Mile two was, as usual, a bit of a struggle and came in just shy of 17 minutes. Mile three involved some stopping to go to the bathroom (on Boo’s part) and then searching for a trash can to toss the “luggage” that she sported for most of that mile. There must have been a lot of interesting smells out there because there was a ton of stop and go and a lot of peeing on the course (again on Boo’s part, not mine).

The course actually measure 3.2 miles-just a touch farther than the allotted 3.1 miles of a true 5k. But all in all it was nice to not have a super serious race, and it was a good way to kick off the holiday of stuffing your face with delicious foods.

Overall time- 50:52 Garmin and 51:06 “Gun” time

No placements or anything because they don’t actually keep track of that!


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