So yeah…about that…

I totally just signed up for yoga.

I’ve always been interested in yoga, but have never been able to find a studio with reasonable prices or that really interested me in going. While I was out in St. Chuck doing pictures this past Sunday, I noticed that a yoga studio had opened up there. It is called Blue Bird Yoga and when I checked it out online I found out that they are offering an introductory special of two weeks unlimited yoga for $20. Also, their prices don’t seem quite as horrible as some that I have seen before. So I did what any reasonable girl would do and signed up.

Now I’m attending my first class tomorrow and I’m already nervous about it!

I’m really hoping that the yoga will help with my back pain. My back hurts when I get up, hurts when I sit at work, hurts when I drive home. I should probably go see a chiro about the whole deal-but I think I will try the yoga route first. Plus, it’s bound to be good for me right? I mean it is exercise after all! 

I did buy and download Jillan Michaels Yoga Meltdown or whatever it is, but to be honest-I haven’t even tried it once. Terrible I know! But hopefully between this and (somehow) finding the motivation to get back out on the road running, I can start making some progress on the whole weight loss issue. 

But I’m excited and nervous to take the yoga route! I’m hoping that everything will go smoothly and nicely and that I will have a good enough time that I will want to come back 🙂 Wish me luck!


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