So Behind!!

So yeah-haven’t posted in AGES!

Sorry 😉

I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, to be honest. Between searching for my address book so I can send out my GD Christmas cards, and then going in search of a tree, going to a surprise party, and having the fire department Christmas party-I really haven’t had much time to even begin formulating a post.

So first things first-a quick weekend recap. Friday night was the annual Christmas party for the FD. And like every year, they go to Walmart and get some chicken. Except-Walmart forgot to make the chicken. Ladies auxiliary even called and confirmed with the deli area that they had an order for 500 pieces of chicken and Walmart did not make it. And then they were super ignorant about it. So they ladies auxiliary wound up going to KFC and paying twice as much for the chicken. Poor folks. At least the dinner was really good. Fast forward to Saturday.

I had grand plans to get a ton of stuff done on Saturday. Then I made the mistake of letting my parents know there was a cat that looked almost identical to their old cat available for adoption at Petsmart and spent almost 2 hours waiting for them and then having lunch with them. Tack on another hour and half for grocery shopping and you can guess that I accomplished absolutely nothing as far as cleaning the house was concerned.

So then we headed over to our friends house for her husband’s surprise 30th birthday party. It was a pretty good time. He was surprised, food was pretty good, and everyone was having a dandy old time.

Sunday we got up early and everyone got ready and we headed off for our annual Christmas tree search/winery trip. We had a great breakfast at this little breakfast/brunch/lunch place and then M and I found our Christmas tree super fast and everyone else did as well. Unfortunately, I was feeling quite car-sick by the end of the whole journey and really just wanted to get home. We did stop and have lunch at this awesome fairly new little winery called Nobelis. It was delish!

So that’s my weekend recap. Now on to my review of the yoga…

I freaking love it!

I’ve gone to two classes now, and have had both instructors at the studio and I just love it. It’s challenging but not to the point where I feel discouraged about any of it. So looking forward to continuing on with yoga at Blue Bird. Their prices are reasonable, and I feel so much better after each class. I’m really hoping I get my membership that I asked for for Christmas!

Now, off to make this a better day than it started out!


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