Fifteen Things Friday

1) Because I love the yoga so danged old much, I asked for a membership to my yoga place for Christmas. Happy early freaking Christmas to me because I got to get a six month unlimited membership last night before class. So watch out y’all I’m gonna be super bendy soon!

2) I don’t know if I actually can list out fifteen things…I guess we’ll find out!

3) I’m doing the Santa’s North Pole Dash tomorrow. I’m debating on bringing the BooBoo dog with me because a) the high is only supposed to be 37°. And she has no undercoat, and I don’t want her to run in her fleece jacket that I made her and b) I have about 50 million things to do after the race, so she would wind up spending a good chunk of time in the car.

4) I’m very excited to get my photo orders in from I can’t wait to see how they turn out. For Christmas, I ordered this picture of M in a print for his mom and had them frame and mat it. I also ordered pictures of all of us for my mother, because she’s all into having pictures on her walls these days.

5) I’ve decided to slightly un-anonomize my blog. Hi I’m Stephanie-OMG waiting for the world to end!

6) I haven’t run since the Turkey Trot. Seriously.

7) I’m pondering putting a Crown & Coke in my Nathan’s water bottle for Saturday-that way the whiskey can keep me warm right?

8) I have put no ornaments on my tree. I did put the lights up, but we haven’t turned them on. I need to get my pictures printed out for my photo ornaments this year. So I don’t look like I’m trying to be cool and have pictures of pets/people who I don’t know on my tree.

9) It’s a super good thing I prepared part of my lunch and snacks last night before bed, because I totally over-slept this morning and would not have had time to make anything!

10) My breakfast consisted of Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal and vanilla yogurt. Because I don’t like any other flavor besides vanilla. My snack was some veggies and ranch for dipping. My lunch will be a piece of pizza (because I couldn’t make my sandwich!) and my totally awesome salad. Which has red, yellow, and green bell pepper slices, mushrooms, pico de gallo, and bacon bits on it. Plus I have a strawberry balsamic vinegar for dressing-and some back up ranch just in case. Then I also have some cottage cheese to eat either after lunch or with lunch depending on how hungry I am.

11) I love cottage cheese…just saying.

12) I really need to find my hard drive so I can put some more pictures up-because this is getting boring!

13) Albert Pujols is leaving the Cardinals and the STL. I’m not hugely into baseball, but I think he probably shouldn’t have went around saying how much he loved St. Louis, and blah blah blah. Because when you take off to LA for 30 million more than what STL offered-you’re going to look like a super douche. Also-no one needs to make that much freaking money! Can we say greedy?

14) I’m honestly surprised no one has tried to burn down his house/restaurant/statue yet.

15) I made it! And only killed enough time to have to wait 15 more minutes for lunch. Is it lazy to use your electric starter to warm your car up before you go to lunch? Because it looks way cold outside and I may have to do that.


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