Decisions, Decisions

Why is it that all the races I want to do are happening on the same day? Ugh, I was thinking about doing the Cowbell Half Marathon, but I found out that it happens the same day as the Racin’ 4 Rescues 5k, which I did last year and loved! So now I’m feeling a little conflicted as to which to do.

So sad.

In other news, I ran what could be the worst 5k experience of my life this past weekend. I’d put it on scale with the Opening Act 5k that I did last July. I will most likely post the review and recap tomorrow, when they HOPEFULLY have the results finished. Apparently there was some kind of malfunction with the timing systems-so no 5k results. Yet.

Other than that, my weekend was really quite nice. After the 5k there was the post race eating, showering, and napping. It helped a little that the weather was so crappy for the rest of the weekend. It was great for the race, but a few hours past that, and it went to shit. Crazy hail and huge rains. ALL WEEKEND!! Looks like we won’t be getting the tree cut down tomorrow either since it’s still raining today and the lawn will be much to soft to drive the huge tree chopping truck onto without it getting stuck. Sad face. I just want the damn thing cut down before it decided to fall on the house.

Yoga Sunday was great. I was so glad I made it after missing on Friday. Traffic Friday was hell. Super slow-poke day on the roads apparently. Plus I had to stop and grab my packet for the race. I would have made it except some old broad had to cut me off and then drive 10 miles an hour down the damn road only to get back into the lane she cut me off from to turn on to the road that takes you to the casino. Needless to say I had some major road rage happening on Friday. It was all made better by dinner at the Olive Garden with my BFLT followed up by my (our) first of many to come trips to the new froyo place in Wentzville. I highly recommend it. It was a blast.

Sunday after an awesome yoga class (from which my arms/shoulders are sore) I went down to Picasso’s Coffee House to get a smoothie. I had the Aloha Pablo, which had strawberries, banana, and pineapple juice in it. So tasty! Picasso’s may become my pre/post yoga hang out, simply because it’s so damn awesome. They do foam art on your coffees! Love it 🙂 Plus the coffee comes in small bath tubs. It’s just great.

Then I stopped off to pick up dog food, which I need to check with them on price matching because I would much rather support a local business than give my money to a big box store, but not if they are going to charge me $10 more for a product. Some things I believe in paying more for, but not the exact same thing. Once I got home, I chilled for a little bit, did some dishes, and then gave the pups a bath. Then it was time to clean up the bathroom and that was really about it. I spent the rest of the evening bumming around (I simply couldn’t find the motivation to do anything else really), and I made the Rosemary Balsamic chicken recipe I posted on here a few weekends ago. Super delish!

Now just to gather my notes and begin posting my race review and recap…hopefully I won’t have to be too brutal!


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