The Run Around


So I got no running in this weekend, however I did do a lot of running around.

Friday night I kicked the weekend off with some fabulous yarn buying (yeah, that’s right, I knit and crochet, WTF are you gonna do about it?), inversion class at yoga (so hard for the little t-rex arms), and then delicious Mexican food with my parents and M. Then it was home to finish up a cd for a friend, to bed early because I had to be up super early.

Oh wait did I say to bed early? I did? Well that did not exactly happen…try 1 o’clock ish. In the morning. Either way, I finally sacked out and managed to not be a total effing zombie at the retriever training the next morning. The yellow dog did pretty good, but after checking out their schedule-I’m probably not going to be able to make the next three(!) training days and that has me a little bummed. But after that, I should be good (maybe). But at least I will be missing them for a good reason.

Saturday, after training, I did a little running around and then went home and tried to nap. Unsuccessfully. So I showered and got ready for the Block dinner, which was nice, and then we had people over so again-no bed until 1 or so in the morning. I was so out of it!

Sunday I made it to yoga, and I don’t know if my late nights had something to do with it, (or the massive accident I was almost in on the way to yoga) but I was struggling with a lot of stuff. Then I stopped off and did a little more running around before bring Culver’s home for lunch. Then I made the trip to the hell on earth  Walmart to buy a few groceries. Then home, dinner, mild house cleaning, and then bed!

I bought some of those Tazo Iced Green Tea bags because I thought they were like individually sized. Nope. Those things are flipping huge! Crazy ridiculous. But all’s well, since I’m digging green tea at the moment. Tonight I have a few things to stop and do on the way home, and then I’m planning on doing some foam rolling and strength training.

I’ve been on a website called Spark People for several years now, and it’s geared to help you lose weight by keeping track of your calorie intake and burn. But I just can’t seem to stick to it very well, so I am trying a new calorie tracker called It seems like they have a bit more in their library than SP, so I’m going to give it a whirl. Plus, I think this one sets slightly more realistic calorie goals, and takes into account your BMR, which I think is a little better. So today was my first day tracking, and we shall see where it takes us!


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