How I Came Up With My Blog Title

Tuesday’s workout- strength/toning 30 minutes Planned run did not happen…

Ever pondered how I came up with my title up there? Misadventures of Me? Because honestly this is  my life.

So last night after I realize it is about to storm its ass off, I cancelled my plans to go running, and did some errands and such instead. So it thundered and rained and hailed all while I was making dinner (garlic shrimp alfredo-yum!). No power outage, not even a flicker. So after I eat and watch New Girl (love that show) I decide to color my hair. It hasn’t made a peep outside for the past hour. Literally as soon as I sit down on the couch to wait out the 30 minutes for my color to process, BOOM, the freaking power goes out. And because my well is electric, that means no water.

And it is DARK outside, so this tells me that even the folks on the other power grid (I’m on Ameren, and the houses across the street and east-ish of me are on Cuivre River) have no power. So I think, “It’s ok, it will come back on soon.” No dice on that either.

So my phone battery is about to freaking die, and I have no power, and I have a head full of hair color that needs to be washed out in 20ish minutes…so I call my in-laws house and see if they have power (they only live a few miles away). Lucky for me they do. So I grab my phone, purse, shampoo and conditioner and head over to their house because that entire side of the highway has power from some weird reason. Wash the color out of my hair in their sink and then head home. And yes, my color was on for 40 minutes instead of 30, it’s a touch dark.

Honestly, things like this happen to me all the time!

It’s enough to wear a person out.

On a side note, I made some Brussel sprouts last night, and they were awesome!  I could have seasoned them a little more (I just drizzled them in some Tuscan Herb Olive Oil) but they were pretty tasty. Which I definitely don’t remember them being when I was a kid! 😉 Anyways, I know I like them now, so I can have another veggie in my veggie arsenal to enjoy. I need to get to working on my October menu, since M has scroll through my food board on Pinterest and mentioned a few things he would like to try. Which makes my life so much easier! Now if I could get my shit squared away when it comes to cleaning and the rest of my daily meals, I’d be one happy camper. A girl can dream I suppose!


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