Chobani Tweeted Me!

Wednesday’s workout- strength/toning 30 minutes

Thursday’s workout (wait for it)- 3 mile trail run 53 minutes.

Did you see? I ran again finally! And I didn’t die and it didn’t suck horribly! I headed to a little park up the road a bit from my house and ran on one of their many trails. My goal was 60 minutes, so I ran out for 30 and then headed back, apparently I ran that part faster (I have no true idea of my paces or splits, because my Garmin was dying a slow painful battery death in the car). Because when I got closer to where I started I had to add another short trail to try and make up more time. Oh well. At least I got a workout in. I didn’t get my strength training workout done, because I spaced out on it at work, and then just didn’t do it at home. Lame I know.

This weekend is going to be spent organizing my damn house (I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me, I say that pretty much all the freaking time), going to my nephews 1st and 4th birthday parties, and getting out of my rut!

It’s about time, seriously.

So as some of you may recall, I attempt to follow the girls at Tone It Up’s nutrition plan. So there for I follow them on Twitter and FB. And today they tweeted asking about which greek yogurt brand was our favorites. I replied that Chobani was mine, simply because I’ve tried all the others and Chobani, in my opinion, taste the best! And Chobani tweeted me back! Crazy right? I almost feel famous 😉


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  1. Chobani Love says:

    We’re beyond flattered that we’re your favorite yogurt brand! Good luck with the Tone it Up plan…Karena and Katrina sure know their stuff!


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