Today quite literally feels like it’s doing nothing but dragging on and on. I keep thinking that it’s getting close to lunch time and then I check the clock and it’s not anywhere remotely close.

What. A. Bummer.

I was super-lame this weekend and did not do any blogging that I originally intended to do, because my weekend of freedom was short lived. I had thought that I had all weekend to do nothing but grocery shop and work on my lists that I have in my blog notebook (namely, get some pictures for my about page, update recipes with nutrition info, etc). But I didn’t. I had to work at the tax office on Saturday all day, and then Sunday I did nothing but laundry. Seriously, nothing but laundry. And I made one dog bed cover. And that is it. M worked on the drywall stuff all day, and it’s right in the doorway that I have to walk through to get to the kitchen and the basement and the bathroom, so I didn’t feel like 1) bugging him every five minutes and 2) waiting for him to move out the way. So I just focused on laundry and got it ALLLL finished. Woot Woot. Trust me, if you know me IRL, then you know this is a major accomplishment 😉

I also did not go running or go to yoga this weekend because of the lovely little freezing rain storm that came through Sunday morning and coated everything in a nice little layer of ice. You gotta love the Midwest. Sunday morning freezing rain, Monday morning it’s 60 degrees outside and hits over 70 to finish up the day. It’s a little soggy out right now, but I can’t complain too much because it’s been so dry here. So we really need all the moisture that we can get.

I’m also working on some posts for you guys talking about some fitness/health apps that I like to use, websites that I love, and then I don’t know, maybe a gear post? Stuff I actually use? Hopefully I will also have a review post for you since the nice folks from Bolthouse Farms sent me some coupons so I can try out their salad dressings. So when I get some time (seriously, when did I get so damn busy?), I will have to get my grocery list together and hit up the store.

I have yogahour tonight, and between now and the end of the drive home, I have to come up with something to eat for dinner…Because I didn’t menu plan for this week or even this whole month. Whoops!


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