So when does the whole you workout and gain more energy thing kick in? How many workouts does that take? Because I have been feeling pretty dang tired lately and it stinks.

But I could also probably contribute the fact that when I have been working at the tax office, I’m usually not getting home until after 9, and then I have to feed the dogs, and typically make a quick something for dinner and then eat. And I still try to get to bed around 10 pm. Yeah, that’s right, I try to cram all that into a less than 1 hour time span.

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have yoga, so I don’t get home until a little after 7 typically. It’s hardly been a month into tax season and I’m already ready for it to be over with! That’s pretty bad huh?

I don’t have much exciting to talk about, which is why I haven’t been posting everyday, but Tuesday’s yoga practice went really well. I can definitely tell that I am getting stronger in my upper body, but some of the poses are still a little out of reach, especially some of the arm balances and twist moves. All in good time though.

I’ve got to get some grocery shopping in sometime soon! I will probably just  buy for this up coming week, and then do my two week buy next weekend. I usually try to buy two weeks worth of groceries at a time, because I hate feeling like I’m constantly at the grocery shop, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way.

Speaking of money, do you ever analyze your spending? To see where you’re spending money and how much? I thought I did really good this month as far as spending on lunches out (which is typically fast food of some sort) until I tracked everything out for the month of January and saw what I really spent on gas station stops and lunches out. Whoops! I also spent an bunch on just miscellaneous crap that I don’t typically buy. Definitely need to cut back there as well.

Well, lunch time is almost here, so I’ll be (unfortunately) buying lunch again today (boo!) and then it’s going to be time to buckle down for February. I really need to reduce some of the numbers on my spreadsheet! I’ve got yoga tonight, so at least I’m getting a workout in and then I will be making up my grocery lists as soon as I talk to my friend about whether or not he is doing a super bowl party at his house or if we will be hanging at home again this year 🙂


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