Not Such A Lucky Duck

Good grief, this month has started out pretty rough for me! Let’s have a nice little recap shall we?

At the very beginning of the month, and the tail end of February, it snowed/iced a fair amount. So that made driving to work REAL fun…not. But I persevered and made it almost on time each day. And then my car decided to start acting up. Check engine lights, the remote start didn’t want to work (oh first-world problems I know!), reduced engine power. Horrible. I’d finally had enough and had made an appointment to take it in and have an update done on it (which we just happened to receive a letter about), when the day before the appointment, it pretty much left me sitting on the side of the highway. So I called Onstar and was able to have it towed to the dealership, and they were thankfully able to fit me in that day and took care of the update and everything. Now it’s running like a champ, and hopefully it will stay that way!

On to the next spot of bad luck. Two Saturdays ago I was at the grocery store trying to pay for my groceries and my card wasn’t working. It kept saying call operator. I finally got it to work using my PIN number (I had to put it in twice!) and before I made it out the door the bank was calling me to let me know that some lovely example of humanity had gotten a hold of my information and used it to charge over $2200.00 to on my account. Umm, what? No. So Wal-Mart put two of the charges through after I told them to cancel all charges (which they claimed they did) and after they told me they were holding all the shipments because they looked suspicious (which they did not). Long story short(er), now the bank is going after them. So hopefully I will have that taken care of in a week or so.

Then just to ice the cake, I stopped of to have my eyebrows done because they were looking horrendous. And the eyebrow lady dropped the wax stick in my hair! Thankfully, she was able to get it out, and I really couldn’t even get made about it, because that’s just the direction that my life had been heading. Probably because I haven’t been putting out very good vibes.

So needless to say, I haven’t been working out very much OR eating very well (excuses, excuses) while trying to get all the issues sorted out. But the good news is that I’m focusing on putting positive vibes out there, and being myself, AND trying to not worry myself into the ground. Cross your fingers for me!


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