Getting Back into a Routine


I know what you’re thinking.

Getting back into a routine? Is this bitch crazy? The holidays are coming up and who has time for a routine!?

Trust me. I know just how crazy it sounds. I promise. Especially coming from the Queen of Procrastination herself. But the craziness of the holidays is probably one of the reasons we all need a little routine in our lives.

If you have followed this little blog for any length of time, then you know that sticking to a routine is something that I struggle with. Motivation and willpower are not part of my strong suits, despite being born under the sign of the Virgo. Probably because I was born too close to being a Leo. Alas, that is a struggle for another day.

But, I’ve found that I function best when I have a little routine to my life, even though life is constantly coming in being all chaotic and shit, trying to mess it up for me. I don’t know if I mentioned it here or not, but back in August, I began the process of having vision correction surgery. Since my prescription was so bad, I didn’t qualify for a typical laser surgery procedure. I did, however, qualify for a lens implant procedure called ICL implant. Since it is a bit more invasive, I had to take time off from most physical activity for at least a week after each surgery. Then, just when I was getting ready to resume my regularly scheduled program, I got sick. And it took several weeks to finally kick all the crud out of my chest and head. AND THEN it was crunch time for my sister’s wedding festivities.

So while some of the reasons I fell off my routine were legit, some of them are indeed piss poor excuses and a lack of making time on my part.

But no more! I have made a solid promise to myself to lose 20 pounds by the end of December and to achieve that I have to have a solid plan in place for success.

Here are my top tips for getting back into or starting a routine:

  1. Break a big goal down into smaller, more manageable chunks. I want (and need) to lose more than twenty pounds, but when I look at the big number, it seems so overwhelming. By breaking it down into smaller bits, I can see success faster, which is more encouraging to stick to the plan.
  2. Speaking of goals now is the time to set some! Some people can just hop into a routine with no motivator, but I’m not like that. Think about what you want to achieve by getting into a routine, and make that your goal and use it as your why when you inevitably question yourself along the way. Share your goals with a friend, maybe they will want in on the action and you can use each other as an accountability partner!
  3. Failing to plan is planning to fail. So cliche, I know. But honestly, it’s true. Having a plan in place is an invaluable tool. My plan for November includes no less than 13 days of yoga practice and completing the annual Turkey Trot that I participate in each year. I purchased a one-month unlimited yoga class package when my studio had their sale last month, and I look to Hal Higdon for training plans, so that I’m not out there running arbitrary miles and actually have something to guide me along.
  4. Reward your hard work! I like to give myself little rewards for completing a set amount of tasks. Hit all my yoga classes this week? Treat myself to a smoothie after my Saturday class. Ticked off all my runs on my training plan for the month? A pedicure at my favorite nail spa sounds like the perfect way to give my feet and legs some love after all those miles. Rewards don’t have to be big and lavish, but they do only work if you treat them as the special things they are.
  5. And finally, give yourself some grace. What I mean here is, don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss a checkmark. It’s bound to happen. Maybe you had a particularly bad day at work and the only thing you can think of is going home, putting on your comfiest clothes, and vegging out in front of the TV for the night. Or you get sick. Or you have an event come up and you have to shuffle things around to make it all work. IT’S OK! Shit happens. But don’t let one speed bump derail all your entire plan. Take your night off, and wake up ready to tackle the next day head-on.

There you have it! My top five tips for getting back into a routine. I’ve shared my goals here with you, so feel free to leave your goals in the comments below! Who knows, maybe you will find someone who has a similar goal in mind and you can connect and push each other to reach them!


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