Workout Recap Nov 3rd-9th

Happy Monday! (If there is something like that?)

I’ve been working this morning and early afternoon on my holiday gift guides so be ready to start seeing those posts coming up soon! I do use Amazon affiliate links, so many of the links provided will lead you back to Amazon, and I may make a small commission on your purchases. Just know that any funds I receive from those go back into this blog to make it a better experience for you, my readers!

All right, now that that is out of the way, on to the good shit, yeah?

I’m dedicating November to getting back into my routines, and I started with easing myself back into yoga. I even threw a short run in! I hardly recognize myself.

Sunday, Nov 3rd- YogaHour

Such a fun way to get back into the yoga studio. I haven’t been since Yogapalooza back in January, but I did practice a little bit at home off and on. The teacher for this class was the perfect welcome back into studio life.

Tuesday, Nov 5th-YogaHour & 1.25 Mile Run

This class was a bit tougher, but still a great workout. I love the YogaHour classes because of the structure. You have a direction your heading in from the start of class, and when you reach that moment or place, you know that the end is in sight and cool down is just around the corner! I ran before class, not breaking any records or anything like that, but it was a good starting place to see where I was at running-wise after taking the past few months off.

Thursday, Nov 7th-YogaHour

I was going to run again, but I forgot my running shoes at home since I was running late for work and just dressed mostly in my yoga gear. Still a good class, though!

Saturday, Nov 9th-Expanding Yoga

Expanding is the class you head to after taking basics. You go at a slightly faster pace, and the poses are a bit more advanced. This class was all about binding, and I’m still feeling it a little in my shoulders two days later!

We had our first official snow today, but I’m not sure how long it is going to stick around. It would be nice to run with the snow on the ground tomorrow evening, but I’m not holding my breath on that one!

Anyways, that’s a wrap on last week’s workouts! Nothing too crazy, but I don’t want to burn out before I have a chance to really get going. Looking forward to adding a little more running back in this week and hitting up the studio for more classes!




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