It’s Been One of Those Weeks

Seriously, it’s just been the kind of week where you aren’t really certain what day it is, so you think it’s one day (example: Friday!) and then you realize that it’s not quite that day yet (example: Thursday 😦 ). So, I’ve been a little discombobulated.

Monday night I went for a run and did two miles. I did it even though I forgot my Garmin at work and I had a million errands to run so I didn’t get home until later, but I still managed to make myself do it. Last night-not so much on the running. I still had some errands to run, and then M was all, We can eat some where in town if you want (because I was all, I’m just going to make pizza for dinner, ok?) so then we ate at Cherry Street. Not a fantastic meal, but we just got a couple of appetizers instead of actually meals, so I can’t expect too much.

Tuesday night I went to yoga hour. I sweat so much during that class and my core gets such a work out with the work we do. Love that class! If you are in the St. Louis area and want to check it out-Blue Bird Yoga is where I go and Ellen and Sarah are great teachers. The class is $7 cash or $9 credit, and it’s an hour-long sweatfest. I’m heading there tonight as well.

I also took a walk along the river front and followed a tiny party of the Katy Trail before class, just to loosen up after sitting all day. Which hopefully, if it doesn’t rain, I can do again tonight. I wouldn’t have an issue walking in a light rain, but I don’t have a jacket or anything and I don’t want to be too soggy before class.



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