Weekly Workout Recap- May 1-11

Warning: post approaches 1,000 words! Sorry for the length!


So, with my current running/training plan, other exercises, and workouts, my current rest day is Fridays. So I figure that will be the perfect time to catch up and recap my week in workouts. Since I didn’t post jack shit last week, I will start from then and then make things a weekly addition.

So, Monday the 1st, I had a chiro appointment for an adjustment and cleared my running plan with her. So I basically got the OK to return to running, yoga, and biking which was freaking amazing! I didn’t realize how much I would miss all that stuff until I couldn’t do ANY of it for 3 months. And then seeing all my running friends and yoga friends posting about it was really making me jealous. So it was kind of hard.

Tuesday (May 2nd) I should have kicked off my running, but I didn’t because I was dealing with picking my car up from the body shop that was repairing it from hitting a deer earlier this year. And as proved through out the course of the repair, picking the car up was a pain in the ass. So what should have taken 15 minutes to almost an hour and I by the time I got home, I didn’t want to deal with changing clothes and going running.

Wednesday (May 3rd) I had taken the day off work because with all the rain that we had been having they were talking about shutting down the highways that I would need to take to get to work. So I just didn’t come in (which turned out to be a total waste of a vacation day). But better safe than sorry! So I dropped the bikes off to be serviced, met Matt for lunch, and then headed to Quail Ridge for my first run in 3 months. In the rain. Which made me feel like a total bad-ass. The schedule called for a 15 minute easy paced run, with a 5 to 10 minute cool down. For the 15 minute run portion I covered just under a mile (.91) at a pace of 16:41/mile, and then my cool down was 3:29 and I covered an addition .10 of a mile.

Thursday (May 4) I got back on the current schedule and did an interval workout in chilly temps and on the one portion of the Katy Trail that I could find that wasn’t flooded. The interval workout was 2 minutes running (easy pace)/1 minute rest/2 minutes running (easy pace) repeat 4 times. I managed to keep a pace around 15-16:00/mile for my run portions and either did very little walking or stood still for my rest portions. I also added a 5 minute cool down to the end of the workout for a total of 1.31 miles. I also hit up a YogaHour class, which was one of my first classes back from injury, which was super exciting! It went really well, and I can’t wait to get the flexibility and ability back that I’ve lost these past few months.

Friday was a rest day and also Cinco de Mayo so I had our usual Friday night dinner with family and friends, only a little more festive for the holiday.

Saturday (May 6) 20 minute easy run with 5 minute cool down. The workout consisted of a 5 minute warm up (.21 miles avg pace 23:58), 5 minutes running easy pace (.32 miles avg pace 15:36), 5 minutes walking recovery (.21 miles avg pace 24:12), 5 minutes running easy pace (.33 miles avg pace 15:10), 5 minute cool down (.20 miles avg pace 25:28) for a total of 1.26 miles.

So I rounded out the first week of running with a total weekly mileage of 3.57 miles (woohoo!).

Sunday I cleaned up a bit around the house, and bought my garden plants and got those planted.

Monday (May 8) I rearranged my training plan so that I would be running on Mondays and Wednesdays, and yoga-ing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with my weekends usually having yoga  and running on Saturday, although I will probably mix this up a bit, since this weekend I might bike on Saturday, do a home yoga practice, and then run on Sunday. Depends on what is happening with everyone else!

Anyways back to the workout, Repeat of Saturdays 20 minute easy, except instead of Quail Ridge I hit up Indian Camp Creek. 5 minute warm up (.22 miles avg pace 22:43), 5 minutes running (.32 miles avg pace 15:37), 5 minutes walking recovery (.22 miles avg pace 22:14), 5 minutes running (.34 miles avg pace 14:54 (hey hey!)), 5 minute cool down (.22 miles avg pace 23:00) for a total of 1.32 miles.

Tuesday was one of the hottest YogaHour classes I can recall taking in my entire history of doing YogaHour. It’s supposed to be a slightly warmer than normal class to start, but no means a hot yoga class where the room is already 90 degrees. The class was so crowded that is got over 90 degrees within the first 10 minutes or so. I was drenched! Such a good class though, and with one of my favorite teachers, Emily!

Wednesday was a 21 minute easy run, with 3 run segments and shorter recovery segments. 5 minutes running (.36 miles avg pace 13:56 (little too fast)), 3 minutes walking recovery (.12 miles avg pace 24:14) 5 minutes running (.34 miles avg pace 14:33), 3 minutes walking recovery (.12 miles avg pace 24:27), 5 minutes running (.32 miles avg pace 15:39) 5 minute cool down (.21 miles avg pace 24:20) for a total of 1.47 miles. It was 84 degrees out but if felt so much warmer, probably due to the humidity since some thunder storms rolled into the area later that night.

Which brings up to yesterdays YogaHour class, where I started my watch a wee bit late in class because we were cranking through the poses and movements in class.

All in all a very good start to my return to activity! I’m feeling good about my progress so far, and can’t wait to see how things open back up, especially now that I am going through chiropractic treatment and getting things cracked back into alignment.

Filling in the Gap

Haven’t checked in to update in a while! Sorry about that!

Back at the very beginning of February, I woke up with crazy jaw stiffness/soreness on my right side. I had been having a dream/nightmare about my teeth just falling out in bloody chunks, so I must have been clenching/grinding my teeth together. I figured it would go away on its own after a while.

It didn’t. Obviously.

There were a few times where it hurt bad enough that I thought about pulling my teeth out myself to try to relieve the pain, but luckily it wasn’t my teeth at all! Thank god for that, because I had just had a round of expensive even with dental insurance work done and was not looking forward to paying for more. I kept putting it off, but I finally went to see a new chiropractor who did x-rays and as it would turn out, my neck spine is not looking too hot. Instead of having the normal curve to it, my neck is starting to curve in the opposite direction, compressing the discs that are there. And my very tip-top vertebrae is twisted, which means you can see right through the middle of it! All of these things were compounding my jaw issue, not to mention affecting all the other nerves and such in my body.

My lower back has some issues too, but not quite as bad as my neck spine. So the beginning of March brought about a new chiropractic treatment plan for me, which meant no running, no yoga, no biking, pretty much NO ACTIVITY for 8 weeks. So add that to the 4-ish weeks I already had missed out on, plus my lack of doing anything being overwhelmed with the house stuff, and I am pretty much starting over from scratch every where.

Any weight I had lost has been gained back, which really stinks, but I am working on it again. I have cut back on my sugar intake a TON, and I am working on cutting back my caffeine in take as well, because I am totally addicted to both things and my chiropractor wants to me do a purification cleanse to help bring my body systems back to zero (or as close to zero as they can get). Which basically means flushing my systems out so that there isn’t a bunch of junk clogging them up.

I know, total hippie nonsense (or goodness, depending on your opinion).

But I started yoga again last week, as well as running using Garmin’s beginner 5k time-based plan, and both those things have been going pretty well. Knock on wood, but I haven’t missed a work out yet! I’ve successfully made it through two phases of treatment, and have started on phase three, which bring about fun things like neck traction exercises. Current one being, lay on the floor with a rolled up bath towel under my neck, starting at 3 minutes and working my way up to 10-15 minutes. I’m not gonna lie, it’s actually kind of uncomfortable. Plus, icing on top of that. And the worst, not being on my phone as much.

Because my job requires me to be sitting looking down for the better part of the day, I need to cut back on the amount of time I spend sitting on my phone in the same manner every night. So if it isn’t eye level when my head is raised, it needs to go.

Go ahead and hold your phone at eye level for hours on end. It sucks.

So, now that I actually have stuff to write about again, I will be back to blogging more regularly I think. It’s good to write again!

These Times, They Are A Changing

Well, hello there, blog land!

It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

I’m sure if you’ve been around or reading for any length of time, you’ve noticed that I tend to drop off here and there. Mostly because I always felt like I didn’t really have anything interesting to talk about, but also for other reasons. Mainly, the voice that I had taken in my blogging.

I haven’t really been happy with where this blog has gone. And it’s no fault of anyone but myself. I have a few general rules in life, that I practice in real life and on social media, and they are as follows: I don’t post or talk about politics or religion, I don’t get sucked into arguments involving another’s personal beliefs (no matter whether I agree with their statements or not), I don’t get involved in the GMO/Organic/Vegan discussions and my dirty laundry stays in the hamper where it belongs. I simply try to avoid these topics in real life and in my social media life. I don’t care what you want to post about. If you are super into your religion and want to shout it from the roof tops, go ahead! You hate/love the new president and want to bitch/moan/gloat/praise, I’m not going to stop you.

*Not saying that if you ask me about my beliefs or opinions on any of these matters, I won’t share them with you. I will, they just aren’t something I am passionate about, nor do I feel/want to argue with you and cause a rift in our friendship/relationship/whatever we have going on.

But at the same time, I have felt very inauthentic when it comes to my blog. I feel as though I am just throwing crap up here, trying to at least put something on the screen that you might find at least a little bit interesting. If you ever knew me in real life, and then happened across my blog here, you would in no way, shape, or form think that I was the same person. Profanity on the blog? Nope. Real life? I’d make a sailor blush.

I’m not a fitness blogger, a fashion blogger, a running blogger, a yoga blogger, or even a cooking blogger. I’m not even remotely qualified to give any type of adult advice, especially about finances or being the perfect wife/daughter/sister/friend. But I do really enjoy writing. And these past couple of years have been a bit of a personal struggle for myself to figure out who *I* really am. I mean I am going to be 33 years old this year, shouldn’t I have some sense of identity? Or is it normal to still feel like you don’t have shit figured out from one day to the next? I certainly don’t have the answer to either of those questions.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I am working on figuring out an identity for this space of mine on the interwebs. I do love running and yoga (even though I can’t do either one of those right now), and I do love cooking. I love being outside and I love creating things, whether it be food, art, or crafting.

I’m hoping that some of you will stick around while I working on getting this little space a bit more authentic with myself. I hope that I don’t offend you, but if I do, we can talk it out. There are so many different things that make up who I am, it seems, and I’d really like to share those with you. If any of you have any feedback, I’d appreciate it greatly. Let me know if there is a specific element you like about this little blog, or if there is something you’d like to see go. I’m currently taking a physical pen to actual paper to try to figure out where this journey will take me, so it would be great to have some input along the way!

Thank you!


It is damn cold outside today! Currently the temp is hovering around 6 degrees and you can definitely tell. At least it’s not windy out because that would just make things even more miserable than they already are.

And also the reason why I am pushing beginning my spring half marathon training off until Wednesday when it is supposed to be a little bit warmer!

I was going to kick off tomorrow, but some other things have come up that I need to be around home for, and I am not ready to spend a ton of time at the track running in circles just yet! Also, not ready for treadmill time either.

I am actually doing a different type of training plan than I normally would follow (however loosely that may be). Instead of having set distances, I am using a training plan that is available through Garmin Connect and it is all based off time. I really want to break the three-hour window in the half marathon, so I am going to be trying to really stick to the training plan. It’s set up pretty interestingly, as far as how they want you to proceed. I am doing the Level 1 Half Marathon program, which is 3 runs a week, plus cross training days and rest days. So, I am curious to see how this all works out. There are several walk breaks scheduled in to the runs, like on long run days it will have you running for 60 minutes, then walking for 10. Repeat to a total of 2 hours 20 minutes.

Garmin has several different types of training plans, and if this one works out I will try one of the others, like a triathlon program or a cycling one.

Here’s to a successful training program!

Stitch Fix #5

Note: Stitch Fix does not compensate me in any way for these posts. All opinions and purchases are my own.

I received my fifth Stitch Fix shipment a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to posting about it! It was a pretty good shipment, and I like and kept three things from it. For more info on how Stitch Fix works, see this post.

On to the goods-


Market & Spruce Bri Knit Cardigan $48-Kept

I am actually wearing this sweater right now! I love it. The length is good, the sleeves are plenty long, and I can wear it with a regular t-shirt and jeans or a fancier top and dress pants for work. It’s really versatile and comfy.


Market & Spruce Galapagos Cross Bar Dolman Knit Top $54-Kept

In the picture I kind of folded the top in half and flipped it around to show the back details. It make a great work top, the fabric is nice and thick without looking bulky. It’s slightly stretchy too, which will help it keep it’s shape.


Edyson Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jean $68-Returned

I wanted to like these, but I wasn’t crazy about the color or the fact that I could hear my self walking every where. Loudly. The curse of cords. They also reminded a bit like something you would have worn for the holidays when you were a toddler, so there was that, too.


Bay to Baubles Nixen Pave Detail Cuff $28-Returned

I am just not a huge jewelry fan. All the jewelry I wear came from Matt as presents and also my wedding set, so I didn’t really have a need to another bracelet.


Market & Spruce Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater $58-Kept

Yeah, just realized I kept everything that was Market & Spruce. But this is another versatile piece that can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear with it. After washing it, it does appear to have shrunk just a little bit, but it still fits nicely and is quite comfy.



So all in all I was pretty happy with this Stitch Fix selection. I’m looking forward to my next one, and hopefully having better photos for you once I get my new closet all set up!

Slacking & Lacking

Sorry for being such an absentee blogger lately! Things have been crazy busy with building the new house and I haven’t had very nice things to say so I’ve kept them mostly to myself.

But, anyways, time for an update!

The new house is almost complete! It has been a struggle and we had to do the majority of the plumbing (and by we I mean Matt & my Dad) because we had to fire our plumber. Long story short, there was a lack of professionalism. So, for the past few weekends, we have slowly been putting on vanity tops and running water lines. All the cabinets are in place, with the exception of our built-ins, and there are just a couple of things left that need plumbing work done upstairs. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom and bathroom have all been painted and are done.

We actually moved the bed into the bedroom and have been sleeping in the new house since Thanksgiving eve!

I can’t wait to post photos and give you all a little house tour when we get officially moved in! So far everything has been coming together just as I imagined it would. At least looks-wise. There have been so many bumps along the way that it’s been a pretty stressful time the past few months and everything has taken a back seat to this, including running and yoga. I did manage to run two 5k’s recently, but no training or anything has been happening around my house. I will be so GLAD when all this gets over and we can go back to our normal programming! Unfortunately that is going to be right when tax season starts, so then there will be that to deal with.

Oh well, you gotta roll with the punches, right?

I do have a few posts in the works, including a new Stitch Fix post and a couple of race recap/reviews. So I will try not to be absent for too long again!