Project 52: Week 3

Another view of the Duomo


Workout Recap-Jan 15th-21st

Another week of minimal workouts.

Since I start working evening at the tax office this week, I took this past week off from my workouts to try to get my house sorted before not being home several nights a week. So I managed to get in one workout, which was on Sunday.

I will say Monday to Wednesday had pretty crappy and cold weather. But, as the weekend neared, the weather improved greatly.

So, just a quick recap of what I did on Sunday, the 21st!

So I am officially into training for the Go! St. Louis half marathon this April. I had signed up for it last year, but had to defer because of my neck and spinal issues. Now that things are going much better in that department, I get to really start running again. And since I didn’t want my deferral code to go to waste, I signed up for the half.

This will be my long run for week 2 of training 🙂

I got up somewhat early on Sunday, after working all day on Saturday and was thinking, “This weather is frickin’ glorious! I am totally taking advantage of this and getting a run in.” But, alas, I needed to charge my Garmin. So I plugged it in, and then toodled around the house doing a few other things before deciding that I was going to head to Creve Coeur Lake to do my run. It would totally give my Garmin more time to charge on the way there.

Now, I’ve been to CC Lake a few times, but for some reason I always have trouble finding the right entrance for where I want to wind up. I don’t know why I can ever remember. But I wasted 20 minutes driving around trying to find the entrance to the park, so that I could get parked and get my run going.

Anyways, I finally made the right turn and got parked, hit up the rest room, and then got myself situated for my run.

The weather was beyond ridiculous. I wore cropped running tights, a tank top, and then a long sleeve and the long sleeve I chose was probably a bit much. I ran the Lakeview Loop, which is just under 4 miles, so I had to go past my car a bit and turn around to hit my four mile mark. But I felt pretty good for the entire run, and had a fairly decent pace. The views didn’t hurt much either. I shared some screen shots of my Garmin data below, as well as a couple of pictures I took while running, but I hit my four miles in 1:07:11 for an average pace of 16:48/mile.

Map of my run around the lake
Mile splits
The lake was frozen over in most places, but I did see a couple kayak paddlers out there.
Crazy to have 70 degree weather and run by a frozen water fall.

Project 52:Week 2


The Duomo

Favorite Finds

This is a post series about some of the stuff I’ve tried along the way and have absolutely loved! Things will range from food to makeup, skin care to cooking, and more.

First up, a little something I found at Trader Joe’s. I love taco Tuesday as much as the next person, but was finding the same old taco seasoning I was getting at the grocery store to be a little too bland and a little too salty for me. So when I was in Trader Joe’s one night, I decided to pick up some of their taco seasoning. And it’s fucking fantastic!

Please ignore my chipped polish! I did make time to paint my nails this week.

Seriously, this stuff is pretty bomb. And the best part is that you can adjust the amount of seasoning to make your taco meat more or less spicy depending on the amount you use. I can get two to three batches out of one packet.

Taco night this week

I know there are tons of recipes out there for making your own taco seasoning, but if you’re not about that life, then get thyself to the nearest TJ’s and pick up some of their seasoning. I promise you won’t regret it! We like it so much that last time we bought some, we just bought the entire display box at the store. So now I’m set for taco seasoning for probably close to a year or so.

*Trader Joe’s did not compensate me for this post. I bought the product, used it, and loved it and wanted to share with you. 

Recipe Review: Million Dollar Spaghetti


So for a couple of years now, I think, I’ve seen a recipe floating around Pinterest and Facebook for “Million Dollar Spaghetti”. Now, I love Italian food, and spaghetti probably has to be one of my favorite foods. So, when my husband brought up the recipe for “Million Dollar Spaghetti” and he isn’t a huge spaghetti fan, I decided it was time to finally make it.

I followed this recipe, by My Incredible Recipes.

Photo from My Incredible Recipes

First things first, this recipe makes a LOT of spaghetti. I made it for dinner on a Saturday and then had it for lunch everyday for almost a week and I still had at least four servings left over. And that’s with Matt and I both having two servings Saturday night.

So after gathering all the ingredients, which includes 5 different types of cheese and sour cream, I set about assembling this dish.

It was pretty easy to put together, and the flavors are very reminiscent of lasagna. It basically lasagna without lasagna noodles and all the fancy layering. Make sure when you begin to assemble it, you use a true 9 x 13 pan. I first put it in one of my Le Creuset pans, and it was not quite big enough to hold it all and be able to properly toss and blend the ingredients.

Overall impressions:

  • It was a good dish, one that I will probably make again. But I will half the amount of pasta and cheese.
  • Mine was not nearly as saucy as their photo depicted.
  • It didn’t take long to put together, and doesn’t require much fanciness.

Tips/Things I will do next time:

  • I will definitely half the recipe for just myself and Matt. A good portion of it went to waste because I’m not one to eat leftovers past a week in the fridge.
  • If and when I DO make the recipe using the full amount of ingredients, I will use a 24 ounce jar of sauce. It wasn’t that the pasta was dry per say, but I LOVE sauce and even Matt said that it could use a bit more.
  • I will do all my mixing in a bowl or pot. I just did the first two cheeses and sour cream mixed in the pot with the spaghetti, but for my messy nature, I probably should just do all my mixing in pot before transferring the contents to the pan for the final sauce mix and cheese toppings.

This is a good recipe, one that I will file away as a make ahead and heat up later dish during the evening when I work. I will give it 4 out 5 stars. There wasn’t any nutritional information in the original recipe post, but I did import the recipe into My Fitness Pal, and using their ingredient match and guestimating that there are roughly 14 servings in a pan, I came up with about 430 calories per serving.

Let me know if you try this recipe, and what you think of it in the comments below!



It is colder in Missouri than it is in Antarctica? Seems about right. I’m pretty sure if you include the wind chill today, it’s feeling about -19 degrees. Nice. Since I have a chiropractor appointment after work today, I will not be working out. I like to give myself a day off when I have an adjustment to help it “hold” a little better. Maybe that’s shenanigans and it doesn’t matter. I can’t wait for my adjustment though! I recently switched to every three weeks between visits and I can tell that I am out of whack. It’s so weird how once you finally start listening and taking care of yourself how easy it is to tell that something isn’t right, isn’t it?

So as far as life in general has been going, it’s been alright. Not blowing myself away with my awesomeness or anything like that but slowly and steadily progressing. Which is better than going backwards. I did finally open my Etsy shop! I currently only have one listing, which is for a vinyl decal, but I am planning on creating more. I’ve kicked around the idea of maybe listing some of my photography prints, like the ones featured on my Project 52: Italy posts, but I’m not sure. Is that something people (you) might be interested in? Let me know in the comments below, please!

I haven’t created much lately, as far as painting or fiber crafting goes. I did start playing around with some of the pouring medium from Liquitex and that is kind of interesting stuff. I need to get a proper drop cloth for under my art table so I don’t have to worry about getting paint on my floor. I did get my sewing/work table all straightened out, although I’m already thinking about switching the set up. Next is getting my Mac desktop all up to date with it OS.

I did some light menu planning over the weekend. I only planned out the days that I am working in the evenings so far, but I am going to try several new to me slow cooker meals. Sometimes it’s frustrating because there are only two of us, and if it’s something we both don’t particularly care for, we wind up with a ton of leftovers and what do you with that? Make yourself keep eating it? Throw it out and feel like you wasted a bunch of money on it? Cooking for two can be difficult at times. Especially when most recipes are written for families of 4+.

I did try a new to me pizza dough recipe over the weekend though. I usually wind up with pizza crust so thick it’s like trying to eat a phonebook. But this one actually turned out pretty decent. It made 6 dough balls, according to the recipe, so I froze four of them because I don’t need six pizzas at once! I will do a recipe review on the dough after I use up what is frozen to give you a better idea of how it keeps and thaws and everything.

So basically, that’s it right now. Just bumming around. Trying to get things sorted in my life. Getting ready to embark on the craziness that is tax season.

I appreciate your feedback if you chose to leave any!